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Premier Plus Membership Benefits

Premier Plus is the highest level of membership and comprises access to powerful Software Development Kits (SDKs), as well as extensive support, technical resources and training. 

Premier Plus Membership provides the best technical resources to help Developers create the innovative products that could open the way to new commercial opportunities.

In order to become a Premier Plus member of RiDP™, companies need to complete the on-line registration process. Once the online registration request has been received by the RiDP Commercial Support Team, the details will be verified, and it will be required to pay an initial membership fee of €3,500 for the first year and €3,000 for each additional year (prices exclude VAT). An RiDP Premier Plus Agreement (contract) is also required.

Premier Plus members have access to the full set of RiDP development tools which include everything available to Premier Membership as well as:

Development Tools    

GlobalScan NX SDK

Device Browser

Card Authentication Package SDK

Device SDK Type-J (SDK/J)


Adaptable Authentication API (AAA)    

RICOH SmartSDK    

RICOH Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Web API                            

Plus: PCL and PJL Command Set, PostScript Local Operator, Private and Standard MIBs.

Technical Support

  • Unlimited Online Technical Support
  • Access to RiDP Lab (fees may apply)
  • Access to Q & A
  • Developer Training (fees may apply)
  • SDK/J and SmartSDK Digital Signature Process
  • Fee-based Compatibility Testing

Marketing Support

  • Invitation to participate in Ricoh Europe events, e.g. Developer Conference, TechED workshops
  • Equipment Program - special pricing arrangements can be made upon request to RiDP to support developers with the supply of Ricoh hardware

Sales/Business Opportunities

Commercial benefits that may be available to Members who have passed Compatibility Testing include the following:

  •  Local Sales Opportunities
  •  Ricoh Operating Companies may invite those members who have passed Compatibility Testing, on local market requirements, to work with them on local sales opportunities


Premier Plus members can also attend RiDP events, such as:

  • Annual RiDP Conference - this 2 day event, normally held in London provides a mix of technology and commercial topics designed to update delegates with information on Ricoh's latest technology, Ricoh's vision plus hands-on developer training workshops. This event is a great opportunity to network with Ricoh Family Group members as well as to meet with your peers and be part of the RiDP eco-system of Partners and ISVs.
  • 1-1.5 day training event aimed specifically at developers and engineers, with in depth training on Ricoh's latest tool set