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PostSCript Local Operator - Overview

This supplement describes the language specification of PostScript Level 3 needed to write programs for use with Ricoh printers and network connected multifunctional products. It describes in detail the changes and additions made to Adobe Systems Incorporated PostScript 3 specification. This will allow for a more productive use of Ricoh devices when utilizing the PostScript printing language.

Main Features

With this PostScript Local Operator the following features can be controlled:

  • Interpreter Parameters
  • Page Device Dictionary
  • Page Device-related Level1 Compatible Operators
  • Device Parameters
  • Ricoh Extension Operators
  • Colour Extension Operators
  • Page Device Dictionary
  • PageSize, ImagingBBox
  • MediaType
  • MediaPosition
  • OutputType
  • Punch, PunchDetails
  • Staple, StapleDetails
  • HWResolution
  • PostRenderingEnhance
  • PostRenderingEnhanceDetails
  • ProcessColourModel
  • Ricoh Extension Operators
  • Ricoh Extension Operator List
  • Colour Extension Operators


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