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Smart Membership Benefits

Smart lebel membership is an entry level of developing the RICOH SmartSDK application, which developers/company can investigate your embedded system for finding of your customer benefits.

In order to become a Smart member of RiDP™, companies need to complete the on-line registration process. Once the online registration request has been received by the RiDP Team, the details will be verified internally. Subject to the approval process, new members will be required to pay an initial membership fee of €450 for the first year and €450 for each additional year (prices exclude VAT).An RiDP Smart Agreement (contract) is also required.

Developers can access the RICOH SmartSDK and begin developing new applications for Ricoh’s range of Smart Operating Panel devices.

The RICOH SmartSDK platform supports and enables development of Smart Operation Panel (SOP) applications and software – the industry’s technology offers a simple programming interface to satisfy the fast-changing workflow requirements of our customers.

This entry level Membership comprises access to the following:

Developers wishing to access our full range of tools, resources and support may wish to read more about our Premier Plus level of membership.

Developers wishing to enter the programme at 'Smart' level do so at the discretion of the RiDP team. Once a Smart member has developed an app using Ricoh's SmartSDK, they must submit their application for Compatibility Testing which is available at Premier Plus level.

Technical Support

  • 1 Ask Ricoh ticket (1 support ticket)
  • 1 Developer key (Product ID) with specific Ricoh devices
  • 1 registered developer
  • Access to basic video training for Beginner