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SmartSDK - Overview

Ricoh’s Device SmartSDK is the successor of SDK Type-J (SDK/J) and is a state-of-the-art application development environment that allows for the creation of embedded and remote applications that run on Ricoh Multifunction Devices and Laser Printers. SmartSDK is based on Android technology and controls most aspects of device operation, including the control panel and core capabilities such as printing, scanning, faxing and saving files.

It allows for the creation of 3 different kinds of application that run on Ricoh Multifunction Devices and Laser Printers.

SmartOperationPanel - is an Android platform panel with fully function capabilities for scanning, printing, scanning and FAX.

WebBrowserNX - is the redesigned version of Ricoh’s Device Browser. It is not intended for general web browsing, but is a browser technology to allow the design of web based applications that run on an HTTP server with capability to print, scan, FAX and copy.

Web API - is a HTTP protocol based REST API. It allows the realisation of Print, Scan, Fax or Copy applications driven by remote devices. e.g. mobile phones and tablets.

Main Features: 

Print feature

The print functionality of Printers and MFP Devices can be controlled. For example, images or print data received from the network host can be specified to use a certain feeder tray, or a particular post process.

Scan feature

Scanner functionality of MFP devices can be controlled. For instance, scanned image data can be saved or delivered via the network.

Copy feature

Copier functionality of MFP devices can be controlled. For instance, to customise copier features of an application.

Fax feature

The ‘Fax’ package allows for sending scanned tiff files and receiving tiff files from the client terminal via the fax line.

User interface

Operation buttons and display panel of a MFP Device can be controlled, for instance:

  • Drawing text and graphics on display panel

  • Handing operation buttons

  • Controlling LED display

Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting

The SmartSDK is enabled for authentication, authorisation and accounting. This enables implementation of authentication, authorisation and accounting features in applications developed using SmartSDK on Ricoh MFP devices. USB Card Readers are supported for the use of authentication, authorisation and accounting.

Development Environment

SmartSDK comprises:

  • SmartSDK service

  • WebAPI

  • Java Script for WebBrowser NX

  • Emulator

  • Sample programs

  • Documentation (Tutorial, JavaDoc API specifications)


WebAPI enables developers to create remote applications that can be used by web-enabled/mobile devices.

WebBrowser NX

WebBrowser NX enables developers to create applications that are located on remote web servers with the same functionality as embedded applications.


Embedded Software Architecture is Ricoh’s solution platform to enhance the functionality of Ricoh’s Multifunctional Products (MFPs) and Laser Printers (LPs).

In the modern office environment, traditional standalone single-function output devices like copiers and printers have evolved into networked multifunction input/output devices. Office equipment is now an essential component within the communication framework of computer networks and Ricoh wants to take it even further.

To meet customers’ unique business requirements and to improve efficiency of enterprise workflows, Ricoh has created "Embedded Software Architecture™" (ESA), a Java™-compliant application development platform. Ricoh's "Embedded Software Architecture™" is an open platform and offers optimum versatility.

For example, an embedded Java™ application might scan a document to an MFP, identify the title and automatically send it to the appropriate location. It is also possible to reduce network traffic by having a printer share part of the print data process that the server has been performing.  To achieve cost reduction and meet environmental targets, it is possible to implement restrictions such as print and copy limits and defined device operational behaviour.

Ricoh's "Embedded Software Architecture™" is designed to maintain application compatibility across multiple MFP’s and Laser Printers in current and future launches.

Available with the following Membership levels:

Smart Premier Premier Plus