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Adaptable Authentication API (AAA) - Overview

There is a requirement for a general-purpose authentication API for SmartSDK to free RiDP developers from the need to implement customer-specific authentication protocols inside of their applications. The Adaptable Authentication API (AAA) achieves the desired separation by providing a simple client API and a standard protocol for Authentication Service Providers, allowing developers to easily add authentication support to their applications in a way that allows the customer to select the authentication mechanism best suited for their particular needs.

Main Features: 

Enables Single Sign On (SSO) for authentication

Forward user attributes (Home folder, email address, etc).

Development Environment: 

AAA is a library available for SmartSDK. It allows the combination of an authenticator and a scan application of two different vendors. The authenticator must implement a so called AAA provider and the client app (i.e. a scan app) needs to implement an AAA client.


The concept of AAA is that the authentication services are divided into two components: the authenticator, which is a complete SmartSDK service responsible for locking the MFP and unlocking it once a user logs in. And the public API, which is a Java library that is embedded inside the solution (SmartSDK Activity) that integrates with the authentication services. More than one authentication service is provided, which makes the system adaptable to the customer's environment—just install the service that is right for the customer.

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