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Card Authenication Package SDK - Overview

The Card Authentication Package SDK (CAP) was created to extend the functionality of Authenticating users against Ricoh Devices.  Developers will have the ability to now create customised solutions with embedded security in their applications.  The ability to used customized device card readers and extending authorization of permissions are some of the many features available when developing and designing applications.  It was also carefully crafted to be a product; Card Authentication Package SDK provides additional functionality so that developers can offer a bridge between authentication methods or using the Card Authentication Package Enterprise Server product from Ricoh.

Main features

Card Authentication Package (CAP) provides authentication on a MFP using RFID tags.  All secure print, copy, scan and fax MFP functions are accessed via a quick swipe action.  Card reader devices are attached to the USB port of the MFP and CAP provides the service for reading the data of RFID tags from the card reader devices.

CAP manages four tasks that are required to support authentication on Ricoh devices:

  • Support of authentication devices
  • Mapping - card IDs to a user name
  • Authentication – validating user names against an authentication authority
  • Authorisation – limit access to colour or MFP functions by user 

Since SDK/J v4.03, an interface standard is provided to developers to obtain the user ID.

Using CAP SDK, developers can customize features of CAP: 

Using CAP features

  • Device reader feature - notifies your application when CAP catches a device event
  • Mapping feature 

Extending CAP features

  • Support new authentication devices - provides the endpoint to receive data from your implementation for special devices
  • Extending mapping - adds your mapping implementation as an extra reference to CAP
  • Extending authentication
  • Extending user authorisation


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