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PJL Command Set - Overview

This supplement describes the language specification of the Printer Job Control Language known as PJL (Ricoh specific), to aid in the development of programs that use it. PJL (Ricoh specific) is based on the Printer Job Language (PJL) of Hewlett Packard. Some of the commands have been extended to address the unique functionality of Ricoh devices.

Main Features

The following features are supported within PJL Command Set: 

  • Command Format
  • Syntax Specification
  • PJL Commands
  • Kernel Commands
  • Job Separation Commands
  • Environment Commands
  • Status Readback Commands
  • Device Attendance Command
  • PJL File System Commands
  • Sample Print Command (Sample Printing Feature)
  • Locked Print Command (Locked Printing Feature)
  • PJL Environment Variables
  • General PJL Environment Variable
  • Sample Programs
  • When Staple/Punch is specified in RPDL
  • When Staple/Punch is not specified in PCL
  • OUTBIN Models
  • Command list


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