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GlobalScanNX SDK - Overview

The GlobalScan NX SDK has been designed to bring agile development to Ricoh devices. Stemming from the idea of a simple architecture and to minimise the development effort; developers can now create five different types of Plug-ins which will help meet the demands for solutions build on top of GlobalScan NX. GlobalScan NX harnesses the power of an open standard development environment by using Java as its language for development and XML or Properties for configuration files. Other features included in the GlobalScan NX SDK but not limited to: easy to design UI and tools for development (emulator, access to logging information and etc).

Main features

Managing growing volumes of paper and complex manual document processes is crucial for businesses seeking cost reduction and improved customer service.

GlobalScan NX accelerates the digitisation and distribution of documents directly into your workflow from a Ricoh Multifunctional Product (MFP) to preset email, folder or storage locations. Ricoh’s unique interface makes GlobalScan NX exceptionally easy-to-use and decreases human error with its icon-driven ‘select and go’ scanning process.

Intelligent scanning solutions offer digital management, storage and distribution of paper documents to significantly lower operating costs. GlobalScan NX manages information effectively, reducing the need for costly manual storage and archival space and providing instant access to documents to improve business agility and customer service levels.

Development Environment

Please see current documentation for details.

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