RICOH Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Web API - Overview


Device information
Retrieve device information such as IWB model name, firmware version, etc.
Retrieve/change system statusRetrieve IWB status (standby, hosting remote meeting, etc.)
Reboot IWB and change to standby mode remotely.

Retrieve/change input signals
Retrieve input signals which are connected to IWB (HDMI, VGA, etc.)
Retrieve current input signal shown on IWB.
Switch input signal shown on IWB remotely.

Retrieve/change audio setting
Retrieve volume level and mute status of IWB.
Change volume level and mute status of IWB.

Download/upload IWB image files
Download all pages stored on IWB (PDF).
Download current page shown on IWB (PDF/PNG/JPG/BMP).

Supported models
D2200 Yes
D5500 No
D5510 Yes
D5520 Yes
D6500 Yes
D6510 Yes
D7500 Yes
D8400 Yes
Note: WebAPI is not available when IWB is in compatible mode - even on supported models.

Web API Kit Components

  • IWB_WebAPI_Developer_Guide
  • IWB_WebAPI_Reference
  • IWB_WebAPI_Simulator
  • IWB_WebAPI_Sample

Simulator Overview
The IWB WebAPI Simulator is an application which simulates the response of IWB Web API. It runs as a web server on Windows PCs.

Simulator Features

  • Developers can develop applications for IWB using this IWB WebAPI Simulator
  • Simulates various status of IWB by changing the settings on GUI.
  • Shows HTTP requests and responses in the GUI.
  • Able to handle requests from both local PC and remote PCs.

Supported environment

IWB WebAPI Simulator (ver.1.0) is tested on the following environments

  • Windows 7 (32bit), .NET Framework 4.6.1
  • Windows 8.1 (64bit), .NET Framework 4.6.1
  • Windows10 (64bit), .NET Framework 4.6.1

Available with the following Membership levels

Smart Premier Premier Plus